Which 50 USA States???!??!??

  1. hi to all nurses who had passed their nclex and to those who are also in the stage of processing their paper.

    i would like to ask any of you. (who will read this thread)

    among the 50 usa states.

    .which state doesn't require cgfns or ielts/toefl ????

    pls i need a
    direct answer to this..for i am catching up some time frame,so i'm here to ask an immediate response.

    -thank you for your time in reading this

    god bless everyone
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    Most states require some form of access with CGFNS although not all require English exams however if Visa Screen Certificate is required then English exam will be required. If you mean CGFNS exam then only a few states require this exam. even if the state doesn't require CGFNS there will be another company that they require in order to assess your training and transcripts. Most states processing times are 4-6 months regardless on who you use in order to have your transcripts assessed