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Hi Guys, I'm coming over to vancouver in 12 weeks to work as an RN at BC Women's Hospital, i'm really nervous after having read your CRNE guide book, you guys are very educated (I hope people... Read More

  1. by   dibleydale
    So can you guys give me some advice on yaletown?
    Whats it like around there, nice place to live?

    Also what is the tax rate like over there on your salary, im on $28 per hour, on average how much does that equate to each month after tax? I'm just trying to decide how much I can afford on an apartment each month, i'll need to rent somewhere within the first month of being there and won't now by that time how much i'll be taking home each month after tax.


  2. by   Fiona59
    You also have to figure in your union dues, benefit plan costs, etc. You need to contact the hospital that hired you for a better idea.
  3. by   zolly786
    i make 30/hour. i estimate 23 an hour net. because of the rotation, the cheques vary from 1000-2000 each. that doesn't include overtime or stats. once you have your ei and cpp paid off for the year, it's better as well. i would say you'll be making 20 an hour net.

    i don't like yaletown. it's worse than kits. and from what i understand, it's not cheap. i'm not a trendy person, so i really shouldn't be giving advice about where to live in vancouver, because i'm running around in no name jeans, sorrel boots, happy bunny touque and a helly hansen coat. i don't do trendy.

    the cheapest apartments i see in yaletown on canada.com are 900/month.
  4. by   Paprikat
    Had to move all the way out to Port Coquitlam to afford a house. Rented a place in English Bay that was 900 a month, and that was 7 years ago.
    It is sooo expensive in Vancouver. I would recommend living in Burnaby or New West, and close to a SkyTrain.
  5. by   dibleydale
    What do you guys think of Port Coquitlam? Is it a nice place to live. I also saw a nice place in pitt meadows called Newport Village that looked quite nice, what do you think?

    I'm so crap at all of this, I would really like a 2 bed place for all my friends and family to stay, but I think they're gonna have to kip on a sofa bed and i'll get a 1 bed place instead!

  6. by   Fiona59
    I remember PoCo as being nice. But I'd drive from there or make sure there were really good transit connections.

    Trust me, I know a lot of singles who have one BR apts. You really have to decide if that second room is worth the extra $$$.
  7. by   zolly786
    if you're working at childrens, you're best staying in vancouver or burnaby.

    to drive from pitt meadows to south burnaby takes at least a half hour (in the middle of the night with no traffic). taking the bus when the counterflow is going the opposite direction (like for a night shift), you'd be hooped. it would take hours. poco wouldn't have the bridge, but it would still be a long commute.

    richmond might not be too bad, as long as there are no accidents on any of the bridges. if there are, once again, hooped.
  8. by   cdl1605
    I am coming over early next year for a job at Surrey Memorial. Can anybody tell me some good areas to live? I have 4 children so need family orientated area with good schools.
    Thanks, Chris
  9. by   Fiona59
    Hmm, Surrey. Renting or buying?

    Have you visited Surrey or have friends who have been there. There are some very nice and expensive areas and there are some dog rough areas. (I can say this because my MIL and SILs live out there).

    What ages are your children? Do you need elementary or high schools?

    Surrey has some huge homes due to large East Indian community out there. So there are problems in several of the schools with racial gangs and there can be a lot of drugs (just going by what my oldest niece has said and a friend who polices out there).
  10. by   clearly_clara
    Quote from cdl1605
    I am coming over early next year for a job at Surrey Memorial. Can anybody tell me some good areas to live? I have 4 children so need family orientated area with good schools.
    Thanks, Chris
    A very good family oriented neighborhood that is 1) close to Surrey and 2) have nice, big homes on spacious lots are Delta and Tsawwassen/Ladner. You might want to check out that neighborhood...

    As for good schools, I suppose most of the public schools in the greater Vancouver area are roughly equivalent.

    Hope this helps!
  11. by   cdl1605
    Hi Fiona59
    Thanks for your response but it has now worried us. Would you be able to find from your friend/family where the better areas and schools are taking into consideration that I will be using public transport. Also, the house prices increase as you move away from Surrey, where are the more affordable but nice, family areas. Our limit to buy would be about $325,000 to buy but I don't know how to find out about rental properties over there.
    Your help will be greatly appreciated as because we have 4 young children, it is a huge decision to make.

    Thanks, Chris
  12. by   cdl1605
    Whereabouts in surrey do your family live as I need a decent area to move to with my family when I come over and would appreciate some advice.

  13. by   beehive8

    I'm not sure if I'm too late in replying to this thread but I lived in between BC Children and VGH (worked at VGH) and I would highly recommend that you live in Vancouver to avoid the long commutes. I lived on West 16th and rent was on the high side but there are also some small apt buildings on Oak that aren't too pricey (at least that's what I was told). I would suggest living in the Oak St/Cambie neighbourhood so that you're somewhat close to work. It's also a great neighbourhood. Some of my colleagues also lived with roommates (if you're willing to consider it).

    Good luck with your search.