where is better to take nclex? HK or Saipan?

  1. hi! i just like to ask those who are going to sit for nclex and those who have actually taken the exam (most probably this is addressed to filipino nurses, like me), where is better to take it, hk or saipan? pros and cons... i know, better to take in us but then sadly, i dont have a us visa. replies would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
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  3. by   lawrence01
    If you have a choice.. I would say HK. Airfare (esp. now w/ budget airlines going there) and accommodations are more affordable because it's a tourist destination plus of course you can have a short vacation afterwards.

    Unfortunately, because of those same reasons it is quite hard to make an appointment there since slots are almost always full for at least 2-3 months but not impossible if you are vigilant on finding a slot, esp. if you have a dedicated internet service.

    Pls. refer to our diff. threads about taking NCLEX in HK here for more details.
    Those threads discusses that route quite extensively. Happy reading.
  4. by   nxt777
    hi lawrence thanks for your reply! yes i've been reading those threads regarding taking nclex in hk. i've been taking notes of the hotels and the other links as well. is there a thread regarding taking nclex in saipan?

    ive been considering hk for my test center but then yes slots are very few 2-3mos from now. i am about to register pearson this jan or early feb and i guess il be issued my att by then and its only valid for 90days (my letter from cts indicated that if ive been issued an att, it will valid for 90 days only). so that would mean i have to schedule my exam between feb-apr. my friend registered to pearson yesterday and she got her att today (thru online) and the earliest slot she can schedule herself was may3. il be in trouble if i cant get a slot before april ends. :smackingf thats my dilemma with hk test center. is that the same with saipan test center?

    what are the pros and cons of saipan test center?