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hi, I'm a graduating practical nursing student here in Philippines. I plan to work in Canada. As of now I'm waiting for our family's Visa. My question is - where am I going to take the NCLEX... Read More

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    I don't plan to stop at Practical nurse, but the PN-RN or BSN programs requires PN License. It's still a long way for me. But if I had full time volunteer hours for about 6 months to a year (from USA or any country) I think i can qualify to take Canada's PN exam right?
    I guess a lot of whether the province will accept volunteer hours has to do with the College. I would suggest you check with them first that they will accept it before you go that route. Would be a shame to spend time doing volunteer work and it isn't accepted. Remember not all countries accept PN and also depends if you are allowed to do volunteer work if a visa is required for you to stay in that country.