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  1. Hi There,
    I'm up for a change from remote nursing and wondering what to try next. I have worked in ED, oncology, cardiothoracic and a bit of general med, surg and aged care. I'm thinking of trying ICU or community or back to ED. I would like to hear some sales pitches about other peoples specialties to see if there is something good I might not have thought of. I must say I'm not really big on wards.
    Looking forward to hearing from others.
    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   gwenith
    Midwifery??? Seems a logical choice if you ever want to go back rural.
  4. by   ozziern
    Thanks gwenith,
    I have thought about this on and off over the years and nearly applied in Perth once. HHMMMMM, I'll ponder that one for a bit. Thanks again for the suggestion.
  5. by   pmchap
    With such a range of experiences - try education - share the knowledge & let the nursing world go round.....
  6. by   talaxandra
    Have you thought about renal nursing? It's certainly portable if you want to go bush (depending on how remote).
  7. by   BermudaBasedBrissie
    Having worked in ED and ICU I wthink you will enjoy the clinical thinking that occurs in ICU. It is important though that you start in a tertiary level hospital. You will be exposed gradually to patients requiring greater levels of support. This was how I was taught and having seen other methods in smaller hospitals, the thrown in the deep end with swan cvvhdf inotropes difficult vent after 3 weeks doesn't work and leads to greater levels of burnout through stress. ICU allows also for interaction and support of family which can be very rewarding.

    Good Luck