What to refer to pass CRNE??

  1. HI friends,
    I am here in Nunavut, working as a Graduate CHN. I have to write and pass the CRNE in this October (Somehow).
    Could you friends help me to pass the exam by giving me some good tips and links or what to prepare, what are the topis etc.
    Thank you all
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  3. by   dainty
    I wouldn't listen to anyone who says "it's all maternity" or "it's all pediatrics" etc... because each person perceives things differently, of course you're going to remember the questions you had trouble with the most clearly!

    I used the Mosby's review book (the 2006 version, the big orange one) and found it very detailed....... perhaps even too much detail... however I found that it made me feel extra prepared and confident going into the exam. I also did the "leaRN CRNE prep guide from the CNA, which I found easier than the Mosby's review. The actual CRNE is probably somewhere in the middle of both of those for difficulty and the "leaRN" guide uses identical wording to the actual exam, it helps you get used to the kinds of questions you will be asked.

    It's a lot of psychosocial stuff and critical thinking, which you will probably be able to work out if you've gotten this far!

    As for the short answers, I have no advice to give except think SMALL, think BASIC... don't overlook the easiest answer. And when all else fails, be creative!

    Bring a lunch to the exam and eat breakfast!! The length of it was more intense than I thought it would be (probably also because I had trouble sleeping the night before because of nervousness).

    Good luck!!!
  4. by   JustGraduateN
    If I were you I will go with passcrne.ca, It worked for me. Good luck.
  5. by   27400

    Excellent tips on how to study for the CRNE.
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    The OP hasn't been back to this site since 2006.

    Dead thread.
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    closing thread as many more relevant threads not years old available

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