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Hi! any help would be great!! I don't know were to start, my husband and I are looking into moving to OZ on a 136visa. We *think* we want to go to Brisbane. We need to be near a childrens... Read More

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    Re:noosa. i worked there about 3 years ago. it doesn't have a paeds ward, only adults, and yes... it can be a little tough to get work there. i've done agency at nambour and it does have a small paeds ward, i think it was about 25 beds. all the serious cases get sent down to either the royal brisbane or the mater. i'm not too sure about the gold coast... but you could get lucky there??? it's the gold coast hospital at southport. great beaches(ie/ nice sand, clean water and waves!)
    if brisbane is the winner... you're looking at about a 45min drive on a good day to surfers paradise(gold coast) and caloundra about an hour from inner brisbane. these are the closest and nicest beaches( i wouldn't classify anything around brisbane's bay as beaches!!!) to brisbane.

    People forget about Redcliffe/Sandgate but they are closer than either Surfers or the Sunshine Coast and have lovely beaches. We often take the kids down to Manly - not much sandy beach but some great play areas.