What does this mean?

  1. I just checked my status online with cgfns and next to my Transcript from my nursing school it now says....
    "Meets all Programme Requirements"

    Then next to Report its says.....
    "Ready for Review"

    What do they both mean?

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  3. by   RNKay31
    I have no idea, but I hope someone will come along and help you out soon
  4. by   sora-sora
    "Meets all Programme Requirements"
    This means that they accepted the form you sent.

    "Ready for Review"
    This means that probably they are still in the process.

    I think that you can find these meaning from CGFNS your account web.

    I hope that these information will be helpful for you.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    means you meet requirements and under review ready to complete still may take time but transcripts meet BON requirements
  6. by   rsmit02
    Quote from Silverdragon102
    means you meet requirements and under review ready to complete still may take time but transcripts meet BON requirements
    You think it may mean that my transcript meets requirements of the BON and I dont have to make up hours how great would that be!!!!!!

  7. by   suzanne4
    The CGFNS report has nothing to do with the BON approving anything. You need to submit the CES report when it is completed to the BON. They have not seen it.

    CGFNS only deals with CGFNS, not any BON in terms of giving approval. Each state still has its own requirements and the hours can be different, as well as required courses.

    But I have also been telling you all along to wait, that you may not need to make up anything. You are the one that has been jumping ahead.
  8. by   rsmit02
    Ah I see thanks, I truly thought that CGFNS looked at your transcripts and the BON you want to apply for then tell me what hours im short. I take it then I wont know what hours I am short till I get my CES report (knowing NJ BON get theres to) then speak to NJ BON who will liase with me direct about what hours to make up?

  9. by   suzanne4
    CGFNS has nothing to do with the BON in terms of what they require, each Board of Nursing has their own requirements. They are under contract to provide credential evaluation services, not to decide if there are enough hours to meet the requirements for each state. They have nothing to do with that at all.

    Step One: You apply to CGFNS for the CES to be done, if the state requires it. And NJ does.

    Step Two: When that is done, you apply for licensure to a state BON. They in turn will evaluate your CES and make a decision based on that. The states do nothing at all with a file until the official CES is received.

    Step Three: Each individual BON can set their own requirements, and some have more hours that are required than others. They will let you know via a letter if you meet their requirements, or if you need to make up hours. They do not assign someone to discuss it with you, it will be via the US mail system.