Want to work in the OR when I qualify

  1. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to go straight into working in an OR after qualifying as an RN.
    I'm just about to start my second year of study and have always fancied working in the OR.
    With graduate nurse programs can you choose which area to go into or are you generally shown different areas of nursing throughout the year?
    I'm hoping to do a perioperative placement for my practicum in my final year. Would this be considered enough experience to go straight into theatre or do they prefer more experienced nurses?
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    As an "older", "long in the profession", nurse, :angel2: I would strongly encourage you to do the GNP BEFORE going into any speciality area.

    Depending on where you do your GNP, you will probably find they require you to rotate in varying areas/units/wards, of the hospital. It'd be wise for you to contact the hospital where you hope to do your GNP and enquire regarding opportunities for working in their theatre. They are the best point of contact for obtaining the answer you are seeking.
    Best wishes for your continued studies, and may success be yours!
  4. by   monstermunch
    Thank you Grace
  5. by   NurseRachy
    Many GNP's offer an OR rotation, and depending on whether you like it sometimes it can even be extended too. I have a friend that was simply not happy on her ward and loved the OR so they put her back in and she's thriving now.
    Do whatever makes you happy
  6. by   monstermunch
    Thanks Rachel
    I can't wait, only two years to go :hatparty:
  7. by   Evie
    my friend went straight into a 12 month theatre grad program (she's actually doing the transition program which gets her credit towards a grad cert i think) - she knew it was what she wanted to do so went for it! i think that if you know then go for it, if not maybe do a general program, but why waste your time? i had a choice b/w rotations and 12 months, and i took the 12 months in medical because that is what i wanted to do. it'd be better for you to do something you find fun and interesting rather than not and start to resent your job before you really love it!!

    by the way, my friend in theatre is doing rotations - recovery, scrubbing, scouting, and anaesthetics!
  8. by   monstermunch
    Sounds fantastic
  9. by   scrubnurse
    I am graduating in May :hatparty: and I am going to the OR. My background is a surgical tech, so I currently work in the OR now. However our OR dept has recently hired two new grads with no experience. My advice is go for what you want! It never hurts to apply and have options!
    Good luck!
  10. by   monstermunch
    It's reassuring to know that grads are accepted without experience as I really want to work in theatre. Found them fascinating even as a child watching operations on TV
  11. by   pmchap
    Hey Monster, yes it is possible to get OR possitions immediately post registration - but it is rare. Also be damn sure that that is what you want - with GNP programs the point is to let you consolidate your theory with practice - you are able to experience 3-6 specialty areas (depending on hospital) so that you can have a clearer picture of what you want to specialise in and gain good general nursing skills in the process. Many nurses don't realise that they enjoy an area until they have spent a couple of months during a NGP in that area. OR can be interesting - but there is almost no patient interaction (which can be both positive and negative depending on the nurse). Don't presume that it has to be OR because the TV shows make OR seem so cool - during gastro surgery standing in one position for 2+ hours can become very tedious. I don't work OR - but I did a rotation there - it was interesting & one of my mates fell in love with OR is still there. Choose wisely and while you think that you have to specialise remember you have plenty of years to do many things in nursing.

  12. by   monstermunch
    Thanks Peter
    You've certainly given me food for thought