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  1. Hi all!
    - is there any way of shadowing nurses in hospitals? to see what goes on?
    what about Community Health Nurses?
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  3. by   Paprikat
    Hi there fellow Vancouverite!
    Don't know of any, but I am a transplanted Ontarian and did my nursing studies in Ontario. I just thought I would say hi. Beautiful weather outside today! Hope to talk to you soon.
  4. by   Jen in Van.
    I seem to be so full of questions-- Ah, well - hopefully in time I will be a well seasoned RN with lots of answers.
    So as many of you know, it is hard to get entrance into many B.C. nursing schools- (I am going for my BSN) So I am going to bite the bullet and apply out of province as well.
    Any recommendations on where to apply? Paprikat, where did you go??
    And does anyone know if I will need to re-certify anything if I wish to work in B.C. upon graduation??
    Thanks again
  5. by   fergus51
    You won't need to recertify anything if you go out of province. After grad you will write the CNAT which every RN in the country writes, then register in your province, then apply for registration in the other. Have you tried calling the human resources departments of any local hospitals? You can go to www.hospitalsoup.com , click on Canadian hospitals, type in Vancouver and you'll get links to all the hospitals and their phone numbers.
  6. by   globalRN
    Hi Jen:

    If you want to email me
    I can give you some contact names for
    community nursing/health centers in Vancouver.
    I did some clinical by linking up with them.
    I don't know if they have any orientation
    for non-nurses but they were really helpful
    when I asked about doing my student nurse practitioner
    clinicals in 2001. Can't hurt to enquire.
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  7. by   Paprikat
    Hi, I went to Confederation College of Applied Arts and Technolgy in Thunder Bay, Ontario.