Visas for working in the US

  1. Any type of visa that is sponsored by an employer for work in the US requires that the job be first offered to Americans. That is why is it is required that a document be filed with each and every petition that the job was posted for ten days, and then there was a thirty day waiting period before anything can be submitted. And any type of temporary work visa is employer and job specific...there must be ajob there for it to be okay'd.

    And this holds true for any type of visa that goes thru immigration for approval, including any type of temporary visa specific to a particular country, other than the TN Visa from Canada and Mexico that just requires a Visa Screen Certificate and a job offer letter at the border.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN

    u.s. department of homeland security
    u.s. citizenship and immigration services

    employer information bulletin 19
    guide for hiring foreign nurses

    november 21, 2005

    sponsoring foreign nurses as nonimmigrants and immigrants
    nonimmigrant visa options for nurses are limited. which combination of foreign nursing credentials and u.s. nursing position requirements will qualify for which classification(s) require a fact-based determination. in some cases, more than one alternative may be available. in some cases, no alternative may be available
    lists all visa classifications and requirements. karen

    march 13, 2009
    response to recommendation 36, improving the processing of "schedule a" nurse visas

    uscis response
    ...uscis recognizes the shortage of nurses and other healthcare workers in the united states, and the potential for a detrimental effect on the health care system. however, uscis’ ability to rectify this situation is more limited than the cis ombudsman’s recommendation suggests. as the cis ombudsman’s recommendation discusses, there are limited immigrant and nonimmigrant options available to nurses seeking employment in the united states. currently, nurses desiring to come to the united states as a nonimmigrant may be eligible to come on an h-1b visa, a tn visa, or an h-1c visa. hospitals seeking to sponsor a nurse to enter the united states as a lawful permanent resident are eligible to file an i-140 petition and labor certification directly with uscis (bypassing dol processing of the labor certification prior to filing the i-140 petition). i-140 petitions filed as a schedule a occupation are considered employment-based third preference (eb-3) petitions and are subject to annual limits on visas. uscis respectfully points out that we do not have the authority to create immigrant and nonimmigrant visa categories, we do not set the annual limits for visa numbers, and we cannot minimize the processing times for immigrant visas if a visa number is not available. ...

    uscis - how do i apply for health care worker certification?
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