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  1. by   miniem67
    Quote from nars_06
    miniem67, may i ask where you finished your nursing degree? where you got your f1 visa, is it outside US?

    it would not be a problem for me if i earn minimal since my husband is GC and already working there, our GC would be filed when he becomes citizen as not to affect the F1 visa..

    thank you in advance!
    I did my BSN here in the US. I originally got my F-1 before I even started nursing school (I have a previous bachelor's in pychology and biology) so after graduation I just went straight to an Accelerated nursing program here in the US. My situation is similar to yours in that my husband is a permanent resident and due to the time it takes if he files for me while not a citizen, we waited so he could become a citizen first and also so we could maintan my F-1 status. he has submitted his paperwork, did fingerprints, just waiting for an interview date. So its unlikely i will go the Eb3 way once he is a citizen.
  2. by   nars_06
    that's an encouraging thought and what a relief that must be for the both of you to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel..having his, i am encouraged to go for the GSA program, but i'm concerned about what suzanne4 posted a while back that they are processing J1 visa instead of F1, that i must verify with them..

    thanks a lot!
  3. by   suzanne4
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    hi i just want to ask as well about global services alliance. since i'm also considering to avail of their service..i am fully aware of suzanne's point on it's downside..but i think i have a different see, i am married to a GC holder and he is currently in sacto while me and my daughter are here in the philippines..the separation makes us insane..i already passed my nclex in cali and will have IELTS this visa screen is in main goal is just to stay in the US even if working fo 20hours even with limited income..what's important for me is that my family is complete..until my husband becomes citizen and we can change status..

    do you think i have a point here or i am just raving..haha..need your inputs..thank you in advance!
    If you come over on the J-1 visa, then you have to leave the US for two years. This is what you are failing to understand. That visa is not permitted to be adjusted to anything else. So that could actually make things worse for you.
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    to healthcpg: all salute to your message!