Use an Agency or go it alone?

  1. I have passed NCLEX and my visa is still being processed (I am married to a US citizen).

    I am wondering whether to use an agency like Avant Healthcare or O'Peyton Grady to get a job. The agencies offer orientation in a new system and accommodation when you arrive. I am having issues with the fact I won't be in the US to interview as I want to secure a position before I leave and the hospital I am applying to seem reluctant to telephone interview me.

    Are there any benefits in using an agency or should I just continue going it alone?
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  3. by   dave787
    base on what yu stated above that your married to a US citizen and im sure you can have your greencard, so why choose to have agency they wil just rake your pocket!!! you better do your own jobhunting in the area were you want to live, the hospitals usualy have website and try to email them. goodluck
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Will agree, as you are getting your GC through marriage why use an agency, much better to approach hospitals where you are going to live. Any reason why you can't do it once in the US as you will be waiting a couple of weeks to get SSN.
  5. by   suzanne4
    There is not anything being done differently for you by them that the facility will not offer to you.

    Stay away from them, unless you like the idea of giving them $10,000 per year of your salary. And that is for each year of your contract.

    There is no reason that you even should line up an employer before you get settled in the US, do that first, and then apply directly. You do not need the facility to petition you, you will already have the coveted visa.

    I would wait until you are actually in the US, you will not have any problems getting a job here at all.