USA Nursing Salaries

  1. Hi
    I search on the general Nursing salaries if some one work at USA ??

    Whose have website that can help ?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Salaries in the US vary widely depending on state, as well as even city. And then experience also comes into play.

    You can check out and get an idea. But there are many considerations that also have to be entertained. Such as if the salary is higher for an area, it usually means that the cost of living is also much higher there. Such as for apt rent, food, gasoline, etc.

    And then you also need to look at crime statistics for the area.

    Base your idea of where you want to work on the location, what there is to do, size of the cities, schooling if you have children, etc. Do not go by just the salaries.
  4. by   kindhands
    thanx suzanne
    but i work on a report for all usa
    thats for my teachr
    i hope to work at usa win i complete my study
    at july i'll be a registered nurse :d
  5. by   suzanne4
    Unless you are writing a few hundred page dissertation, you are going to have way too much information for a report. There is a wide variance depending on the state, as well as city.

    We have seen salaries as low as $16 US, and to over $50. And that is per hour. And from different areas of the country.
  6. by   jonRNMD
    most of the private hospitals here in NY city pays between $64,000/year to $68,000/year for new grads. while a big state hospital where i was first interviewed pays $55,000/ current employer pays $62,000/year plus $900/year for a BSN degree.....
  7. by   kindhands
    Thanx JonRNMD for your post
    it useful to me >>
  8. by   Aquarian
    It's also very important to consider, beside the salary, the income you will be bringing home after all the taxes are deducted. Different States have variable taxes (Federal, State, Personal Income, City, Sales taxes, etc.). Most important thing to consider is, what will be your take-home pay after all these are withheld.
  9. by   suzanne4
    If you want specifics on each state: please go to the forums for each of them, do not rely on all of that information being posted here again.

    And even what Jon posted, that is only for New York City, any of the other areas in that state do not pay that salary. It is specific for NYC only.