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    I'm new in this forum, but I always read your post. I would like to ask some questions since I'm getting confused with what will happen to my visa. I'm already finished with my Packet4 (medical and counsul interview) last September 2004, but unfortunately I haven't given them my visa screen that time since I pass my TSE only last October. I received my visa screen last January and submitted it to US embassy here in Manila. My visa is not yet issued since there is retrogression (my priority date is March 2003). I would like to know what will happen if the news about retrogression is true, and what if the retrogression will continue. Please advise me. I'm really worried about my future. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You should just have another few months of waiting, if everything goes the way that we think it will. Things should start easing up by July. You are one of the lucky ones that already has Packet #4..............

    Good luck...............