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  1. Hello all!

    My boyfriend lives in Nuneaton (near Coventry, Birmingham) and I am trying to figure out the best way to come abroad and work as a nurse.
    I was wondering if anyone knew of travel companies that take US nurses for contracts in the UK.
    I will have three years as a scrub tech in an OR (Theatre) and a year as a nurse before coming over.

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  3. by   suzanne4
    They do not have travel companies the way that we do in the US. There are agencies but more for per diem work. Your biggest issue is going to be getting your license thru the NMC. You will not be able to do anything until after you have a completed set of transcripts, and the processing just for that takes about a year in most cases. Then you will have immigration to deal with, the same as for a UK nurse that wishes to work in the US. You are looking at about 18 months from when you begin the process.

    There is nothing really faster, sorry.
  4. by   sweetnlow121
    Hey Amy-
    I've found one company that does 13 week contracts in the UK. Continental Travelnurse. I'm just beginning the process of going through the entire NMC registration. This company has been very helpful in helping me understand how to navigate the mess that the NMC seems to have created in this new 20 day program requirement. Actually, my husband has done quite a bit of research in his spare time, too.
    You might try calling on them, to see if they can place you. They'll at least talk to you about the process and your qualifications.
    I'm an RN with 5+ years experience in Baby/Mother care- nursery and post-partum. They told me that my best bet is to apply as a General Nurse and hopefully I could get into a gynie ward so at least I can stay in women's health.
    I'll take the English assessment in a week and will hopefully be able to get things rolling from there. The biggest problem I'm having at the moment is finding any info on this 20 day program and who is offering it.

    Here is their website:
    Perhaps someone might have some further insight, and/or info on this company.
    Let me know what you come up with!
    Good Luck!
  5. by   afarve1
    Thank you so much! I sent off an email to the company to see what they think of my requirements.
    Any idea how long the paperwork process will take?
    Did they give you any idea?

    You made my day!

  6. by   sweetnlow121
    Oh boy, I've made your day! Well I hope it all works out and I don't end up with my foot in my mouth!
    They told me that at minimum it will take 6 months to go through application and take the 20 day program. (I know I've read 12-18 months on this board some places, and I hope it doesn't take that long) .
    After finishing the 20 day program, I have to leave the UK as the normal 30 day holiday allowance on my passport will be up... I'll have 2 options: leave the UK and go into Europe until they have the work permit taken care of, however it will only be a 6 month permit.
    The other option is to come back to the states and wait for permits to go through here... which, as I understand it, allows for a 2 year permit. I'm not completely sure what type of permit it is.
    Hope this helps!
  7. by   afarve1
    Just a quick question:
    Why are you interested in working in the UK? Are you looking for something more permanent once you get there?

    Also. Any mention of pay through this company?
    Where are you looking at going in the UK?
    Do they help with housing?

    I hope your information turns out to be correct as well!
    I am dying for a better way to get to the UK to be with my other half.

    Thanks again!
  8. by   sweetnlow121
    My husband and I have always wanted to live in another culture for a while and travel through Europe. So this is our way of affording it!
    We want to work for a bit and then travel for maybe 3-4 weeks and work a little more. Definitely not looking for anything permanent, but who knows, maybe we'll love it so much we want to stay! (He's not a nurse, so he'll have to see what he can find when we get there).
    It sounds like the average rate equates to about $22/hour. Not quite what I get here in the states, but they do help with housing. They supply subsidised housing and normally place 2-4 travel nurses in an apartment/flat or house. Each nurse contributes to a housing fund, pre-tax.
    Since I'm travelling with my husband they apparently will place us in our own unit and we'll pay about 175 pounds per week. (About $1200 USD per month).

    We haven't yet decided on where. There are assignments in London, that I know my husband would prefer. There are also assignments in Scotland. They've got contracts with Hospitals in various locations across the UK, so I guess when the time comes, I can see what interests me!