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  1. Hello All,

    Now that I have sent in for my nursing registration I am now on the debate of how to go about searching for a job in Australia. I am an US citizen, I have been a nurse for nearly 5 years, 3 of them in critical care and one of those in pediatric critcal care. I am planning on spending some time in Sydney very shortly to try it out there and if I like it, would be interested in moving there.
    My dilema now is: Do I attempt a traveling company or do I contact some hospitals directly? What would take less time and/or what would be better in the long run? In addition, which visa would be easier to get? At this point I have discovered that since I am from the US I am not eligible for the working holiday visa (darn!) so I know I would need to get either the skilled worker visa or the sponsored skilled worker visa. Which is easier to get? Does anyone have experience with this and would be willing to lend some advice..?
    Also, what is the job situation like there now? I am aware of the nursing shortage that was there several years ago but is it the same now? Does anyone have any hospital suggestions in Sydney? I would be shooting for Adult or Pediatric Emergency Department.
    Thanks so much for your time!

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  3. by   polandt
    Liabug, not many of our Sydney private hospitals have thriving emergency departments so you may want to look at public hospitals via NSW Health website. The Sydney Adventist Hosptial has an ED.

    There is also a US network check them out, they provide lots of information on the questions you are asking...

    I suggest also if it is your dream to work here, then don't be perturbed by the economy - yes be aware but dont let it hold you back!

    Apparantly NSW provides the quickest entry route for overseas nursing registration
    saying that, we are currently undergoing a national registration process.

    Good luck with your quest!
  4. by   ghillbert
    Go to hospitals/NSW Health directly. You shouldn't have a problem getting hired if you have decent experience. There is still a critical care nurse shortage.
  5. by   liabug
    That helps so much!
    Thank you for all your guys' great info!

  6. by   Rachi321
    hey liabug.. just wondering how you are now.. did you make the move to oz?