Us Nclex Exam Info Please

  1. can anyone advise on writing the us NCLEX exam...where to start
    I dont have a state in mind as I was thinking of being a travel nurse?
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  3. by   fergus51
    If you want to write the NCLEX exam you should go through Minesota to get your permission to write it. Go to their board of nursing website and you can download their registration papers for Canadian nurses. You can find it doing a google search.

    They will give you permission to test when they determine your credentials are in order. You can then write the NCLEX in the American state closest to you, and transfer your Minesota registration to whatever state you choose to work in. The reason for this is Minesota is the fastest and easiest state to go through, some other states require more paperwork and even fingerprints! But you don't ever have to step foot there.
  4. by   illecob
    thankyou kindly
  5. by   MEtheBabiesRN
    Colorado is also easy. I did mine through there but wrote in Montana. Florida has got to be the most difficult state to licence through.
  6. by   illecob
    thanks I agree. I requested the forms for Florida and they came in a batch which I couldn't make head nor tail of. Minesota is much easier to do.....just have to learn how to spell it properly!
  7. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    I did mine in 1994 in Florida. The only thing I found difficult was the lab values and certain drugs. That's about it. Over all it was just like my Canadian exam.
  8. by   illecob
    thanks Sarah. Are you back to nursing in Canada?
  9. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    I work in ER and other areas to have full time hours. I am in a part time position. Are you nursing in Canada? Why the interest to the US? Is it because of job situation? Pick a warm climate...I live in the north and have just had too much snow for my liking. All the best
  10. by   illecob
    yes too much cold weather.......would like to retire to south for some of the winter. If I had US licence I could work abit ...maybe.
    With the shortage of nurses not looking like resolving soon....there should be lots of jobs in nursing. I am a few years away from this as yet.....just planning.