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Just curious...my wife and I were watching a movie last night that takes place in the UK and there were quite a few hospital scenes. All the nurses wore a nice blue uniform (and looked very... Read More

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    this is a very interesting post. i was watching a show on discovery health about a children's hospital in england . i wish i could remember the name of the hospital. it was interesting the way the nurses dressed and acted. i just loved it and wish the show was still on. i think the hospital might have been in liverpool?? it was so interesting. i loved the children's stories and followed them. i was so upset when i took it off. i am a RN in the US and loved to see the hospital and how medicne was practiced .
    If you think it may be liverpool it was Royal Liverpool Children's NHS Trust which is commonly called Alder hey. its a tertiary level childrens hospital.
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    I have a question along those lines: I'm reading an article from Journal of Clinical Nursing and it mentions E-and D-grade nurses, G-grade sisters, F-grade sisters and Level 2 patients.

    The article has to do with nurse consultants evaluating clinical nursing in a SICU/SHDU. The author talks about "clinical reasoning was characterized as teaching and explaining to, mainly, bedside nurses what they should do in the event that care was not fully understood, missed or carried out incorrectly" (Fairley & Closs 2006).

    Wouldn't a nurse, especially a nurse in a specialty area like that already know what to do if things were missed, screwed up, etc? I don't get it. That sounds really condescending.
    i can only partially help#
    a D grade is a junior staff nurse and entry level for new RN
    and we progress up the alphabet, however we are doing away wit grades and using band insteade starting with band 5

    level 2 patients should be nurses on HDU which are aimed at patients with one system failure