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    I was just wondering if anyone could answer a few of the questions that i have. i am currently in a scottish nursing school but am hoping to move back to the us to work preferably in a labour and delivery department but anywhere really that will take me. i have a greencard but was just wondering in the scottish system for the general adult nursing program we dont cover paediatrics, obstetrics or psychiatry which are all requirements for working in the usa. how did scottish qualified nurses get around this?? will i have to do a midwifery conversion course first to be eligible to work in a us hospital as an RN in the maturnity ward???? is the nclex relatively easy to pass??? and how difficult was it finding work once you were there???
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    Many nurses have found it hard with current UK training to meet US requirements. If you are fortunate to already have a greencard then I suggest once qualified and registered with NMC apply to a state and see what they come back with. Then apply to US nursing schools and see if you can join as a guest student just for the courses you have to make up. There are no courses currently in the UK that makes up courses as generally the UK trains you to work in the UK not overseas. Generally if International student then I am sure the university will make sure you meet the country's requirements because you are a International student opposed to someone already living in the UK and the government in a way pays for your training