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  1. Hi to one and all

    I'm a UK trained RN applying for registration in BC. I sent all the required paperwork to the crnbc in November 2005 and I'm still waiting to hear if I'm eligible for registration.

    The secure area of the crnbc website informs me that they have all the required things that they want and I've even received a letter saying they consider me to be 'of good character'.

    Can anyone tell me if it is it usual for things to take this long? Or have I dropped out of the system somehow and been forgotten? I would email them, but my previous emails to them have sometimes taken a month or more to elicit a reply and the answers I get seem cryptic and don't always answer my question, so it's probably quicker to ask here! this normal?

    Thanks very much in advance for any help/reassurance!
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  3. by   Bluerose66
    I am a UK nurse too. When I was offered a job, I also applied to crnbc for registration. I waited 3 months only to be told that I had been registering with the wrong regilatory body. I am a mental health nurse and should have been registrering with crpnbc. The registration with crpnbc took 1 month for the whole process to writing the orientation registration examination and their offices kept me informed of the progress throughout either by email or telephone.
    I know what you are going through. BTW attempting to follow progress on their (crnbc) website was mission almost impossible. I'd say hang in there babe and try to call and hope for the best but at times expect some frustartions.

    That was my expeirence with them maybe some people had different.
    Good Luck.

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