UK petition for Nurses

  1. We all know how bad things are getting as a result of the deliberate short staffing by NHS management. Patients are getting terrible care. Nurses are leaving. UK nurses are working their behinds off and getting a really bad reputation because nursing care is deteriorating.

    Please look at this:
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  3. by   cheshirecat
    Only 153 signatures. Come on, sign up!!!
  4. by   RGN1
    YEAH come on you UK nurses! These petitions are not a waste of time - we got a local swimming pool saved thanks to one of these petitions - so COME ON & add your name!
  5. by   Noahm
    I have been busting my ass trying to get this thing signed by people. I want more than 200. I am sick of seeing one RN to 25 acute medical/surgical patients running her ass off whilst the patients and visitors complain that "nurses today just don't care" :angryfire

    Meanwhile tons of research is coming out that proves that patients suffer and die and have expensive complications due to poor staffing. The expensive complications outweigh the cost of retaining and recruiting staff. :trout:

    Then our managers are culling back over hundreds of staff and refusing to staff the wards and what do we hear from the public: "nurses don't care...too posh too wash.....don't care about hygeine these days" and "blah blah blah nurses cause mrsa" from the media twatarazzi.

    I don't know about you guys but at our hospital we run our asses off for 14 hours without a break. They put a new grad medical nurse on as the only trained for a surgical ward the other day following the closure of her ward. She had never been on this ward before. All hell broke loose that shift and she feels responsible. I came in on the late and had to clean a lot of that mess up and deal with loads of ******** complaints whilst fresh post-ops got ignored. Where are matron, manager, and the rest of the them? They are sat in an office saying "sorry no staff".

    I didn't start this petition but I'm trying to get it signed and I am about to go medieval on the media as well. Got lots of projects starting. Notice has gone into the hospital regarding my resignation. I'd rather have my pin number thanks very much.

    Don't forget to send it on to anyone who might be interested in signing.

    Thanks to anyone who has signed.
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  6. by   Silverdragon102
    signed it
  7. by   scattycarrot
    I signed it as well. Totally support the cause.
  8. by   Sun*shine
    signed it and passed the website address on =] agree, how many problems would be resolved if something SO obvious as staffing was changed *mumbles*