Training in Philippine Heart Center or other QC hospitals

  1. hi there! im inquiring for my friend who is already an RN..

    She wants to undergone training particularly in PHC or other QC hospitals. She doesnt want to be employed yet. Can u please help me? what are the requirements and the needed fees? thanks
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  3. by   msdreamchaser
    the best way to know the requirements is to call the hospital itself and please take time to browse some of the forums... i guess some mentioned contact nos and requirements already... try to browse jobs for 06 thread
  4. by   010507
    hi there if u want the # of PHC, here it is 9252401-07 then try to connect to dne where u can inquire abt their training programs. they offer a lot and its very helpful since these are the things u can see or expected in the actual settings.
    hope this info helps! gud luck
  5. by   nilzenmate89
    Hi! You're friend and I are having the same problem... I went to PHC just last week and went straight to their cointinuing education office. The lady their told me to check their website
    for the requirements... But one thing is bothering me though, I wanted to take the Critical Care Course but it said there that it needs one year clinical experience of one year, appearantly the only program that don't have requirement as such is the IVT.