Tookie's Bushfires update - page 2

Tookie's Bushfires update - Sorry if this is a long post Most of the bushfires up our way are now well under control - I have finally unpacked the car boot and have put the photos up on the walls -... Read More

  1. by   frannybee
    It's so horrible when the big dams dry out. I used to live near Lake Wivenhoe in Qld and it was heartbreaking to see how little water was available to use. Isn't it scary when you realise how much destruction there is under the water line? We tend to forget the houses, trees etc that used to be there before they flooded the area.
  2. by   Tookie
    Just a litttle update - it is now winter - our dams are still low and we have had very little rain in most parts - however snow fell in our area today and they are predicting rain for the long weekend - lets pray thats right.

    The repucussions of the bush fires goes on some farmers are still having a really hard time and the wild life has been badly affected - however the regrowth in some areas is amazing -
    So nature is at work - wonderful thing Mother nature.