Too good to be true

  1. I am writing this because I need your opinion guys...... Last week I was surfing the net and I came across this website They posted this job order about a caregiver for a nursing home in london for an hourly rate of 14 pounds per hour. I checked some caregiver sites and the rates are only about 5 to 8 pounds per hour. Anyway they want me to go on an interview through the net. I was not able to reply right away. Maybe a good 3 days and they said my window has closed and now I need to take some kind of assessment test and detailed credentials review. I want to ask for any job order, is there any government body that is in charge of all of this may it be nursing, caregiver or any other field? Hope you guys can enlighten me. Or do companies specifically staffing agencies need to have a registration from some kind of gov agency.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    What sort of work permit are you going to get? Very very hard if not from the EU and a skilled worker and being a carer wouldn't come under skilled worker and there are many UK citizens loosing jobs that could easily apply for it

    I really would be wary as 14 a hour for London isn't much as it is the most expensive place of the UK to live
  4. by   anthony123
    Well its a work permit. They say I have to register at the state work force office. What is this government body for? Actually they say my London application has expired they say. They have a new one in Ireland. its something like 14euros per hour 40 hours a week excluding meals and there is free lodging. Its a nursing home. Can someone point me to a regulating body in europe? Like one for agencies like that who hire foreign workers and others for pending job offers ,where can I check?
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Sorry but this sounds very suss (not right). Each country has their own regulating body an all sorts of things so you really need to check out with the country and what regulating body you are looking for. Also if any doubts check with the embassy for that country in your country.