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  1. Hello, suzanne4!
    I've read a lot of your writings in this board.
    I think you are the expert who can give international nurses advice about immigration.

    Is it possible that a foreign LPN greduate in the U.S. can work after graduation?

    I have a friend from Korea. She want to be a RN, but it takes a long time getting into nursing school. She is considering being LPN at first and takes the LPN-RN course. She already has a bachelor degree in microbiology in Korea. I suggest a fast-tract BSN program, but she thinks it is so competitive. She has F-1 visa. Personally, I think that the 2-year RN program is the best for her if she wants to be a RN.

    I know that a foreign greduate from any RN program in the U.S. can apply for working permit. However, I don't know about a greduate from LPN program.

    Can you answer my question about a foreign LPN?
    I'll appreciate!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    The current rulings are for RNs only, but based on nurses that have trained outside of the US. This is the first time that I have heard of someone wanting to get an LPN degree while in the US to work in the US. I would highly recommend that your friend go for the two year RN if she already has an F-1 classification...................... Also, there are not as many jobs available for LPNs now............after getting the LPN you can have one year to get practical experience, but then to go back to school you would need to resubmit for an F-1 bet would be to consult an immigration attorney over in the US......................

    Sorry that I could not be of more help on this one....................
  4. by   suzanne4
    I was looking at some new regulations today and IF the nurse actually trained in the US and meets basic licensing requirements for that position she should be able to get her green card. But it may depend on interpretation of the ruling. If the nurse trains in the US, rules completely change. I am not an attorney so my recommendation is to still consult with an immigration lawyer to get the exact ruling.......................but hopefully this will help.....