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Hi, im just a fresh grad and im about to take the june NLE. Im currently reviewing here in tacloban. Are there any tips that you can share with me regarding the board exams? thanks a lot.... ... Read More

  1. by   kiki_me
    My classmate even erased about 20 of her answers because she got confused with the numbering in the middle part of the exam.. Her answers didn't line up with the correct item numbers. But she passed anyway. Rainbowcak3 is right, you just have to be careful not press too hard when you erase your answers.

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    Oh, and another thing, do get a good night's rest the day before the exam. When i took the exam, i actually FELL ASLEEP WITHOUT KNOWING IT!!! It was because we (me and my batch mates) were housed in a retreat center WAY WAY FAR from the testing site. So on the day of the exam, we woke up at around 3AM! Because we had to get ready, wait in line in batches for our school buses to pick us up.. The traffic made things worse, which got us very anxious.

    Thankfully though, we got to the test site on time. When I got to the room, the proctor got late, using up our test time. So by the time we started answering, my mild anxiety phase was already over and was overtook by bouts of sleepiness and a good number of yawns.. I fell asleep at item number 62 I guess.. After God knows how many minutes later, the proctor woke me up and told me I was sleeping for quite a while already. So i went back to my test paper (still at #60), and was surprised that the girl in front of me (we both had the same last names, only the two of us) turned her paper in already. I wondered for a second if she was a top student since she was able to finish the test really quick.. When I went back to my paper, the girl beside me stood up and turned her paper in as well. A lot of people stood up at that point. But it was only then when the proctor announced that there was only 10 MINUTES LEFT that I went on overdrive (thank God I didn't black out).

    In all of my student life, I have never experienced my hand shaking when I was answering tests, and of all tests that i could have taken, it had to happen in the NLE, the exam that determined if I could practice my profession or not. I couldn't shade the answers properly at first because my hand shook really hard. What I did was I prayed to God that he take hold of me and that he may guide my hand coz I knew that this is surely a situation that I KNOW I couldn't do on my own (imagine with 10 minutes left!!!) Thankfully, my prayers were answered and my hand just got steady all of a sudden (but still very sweaty ^^). But I knew it wasn't over yet, I still had 40 items to answer.

    I read the questions once then went through the choices once (it was only in three items that I knew the answer before I read the choices but with all the rest, I just went with my instinct coz I had no time to evaluate and rationalize). Basically I just went through items 62 to 100 in just 10 minutes. (Totally crazy, I know. )

    I left the room feeling weak and devastated that I had prepared really hard for this exam but it got messed up. I hardly talked to my classmates after that; I just sat there wishing for a turn-back-the-time chance which I knew wasn't ever gonna happen. When we got back to the retreat house, I cried. It was only the first day of the exam and I felt sure that I wasn't going to make it. I felt disheartened I didn't want to take the rest of the test seriously anymore coz I felt why should I if I know I would fail? I mean c'mon man, 38 items in 10 minutes?! What are the odds that I pass with that? I told my self that when the results will come out, I know that my last name will still be there, but it wouldn't be mine.. it would be that other girl. I lost hope then and there as it sank in. However, I didn't want to lose my faith... I certainly didn't want to go to the "God-why-did-you-allow-that-to-happen-how-bad-of-you" phase. I went to the chapel, prayed and asked God again to take hold of me. What a dear classmate told me shook me to my senses:

    "Just give it up to God, take the rest of the test like you are taking it for God Himself. Things happen for a reason you know, His Will will always be done."

    I took the rest of the test with faith this time, not confidence.

    On August 26, 2008, my last name came in a pair in the roster of new nurses. I passed.

    So for all of you upcoming NLE takers, never underestimate the power of prayers. God can certainly make things happen, impossible or not. Have faith in yourselves but have greater faith in God. You will pass! God bless i will be praying for all of you!

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    Quote from nic_loc
    On August 26, 2008, my last name came in a pair. I passed.
    I meant August 26, 2007.