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  1. Wonder if anyone can help. When cleansing a catheter port or area of the skin prior to cannulation etc. Should the area be cleansed for 30 seconds and allowed to dry for 30 seconds or have I just made this up in my own head? I am currently having a discussion with a colleague regarding this matter. This is the way I was taugtht when I first qualified (Sept '05). However my colleague says as long as the area is cleansed for just a few seconds and allowed to dry, this is sufficient. Although this would certainly save me time, I want to ensure that this practice is safe to use. Please help. I have searched on the internet and there are a few things to support my practice, but not enough to reassure me that my practice is necessary.

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  3. by   XB9S
    I usually wipe with an alcohol swab then get my stuff ready to cannulate which leaves the alcohol dry. Now I couldn't find evidence to support this but it was what I was taught and what I teach my cannulation students.

    I don't teach to wipe for 30 seconds not sure of the rationale behind this
  4. by   djblackburn
    I have found plenty of information stating that if SKIN is cleansed prior to injection or cannulation, then it should be cleansed for 30 sconds and left to dry for 30 seconds (this is also stated in the Royal Marsden), so I have obviously assumed that it is the same for anything that is cleansed prior to use. I suppose it is also down to local policies, I just wondered if anyone else was using the same technique as myself.
  5. by   RGN1
    WE were always taught the 30 second thing too. However, when I did my venepuncture & cannulation course the course teacher said we should wipe just once in one direction & then allow to dry because that avoided re-contamination & damage to the skin.

    Not saying that was right or wrong, just what we were told. It was just last March when I took the course.