Thinking of moving back to England

  1. I am thinking of moving back to England, and enjoy my job in a busy CCU in Minneapolis. However I am apprehensive about the transition back to UK nursing. Are there any ICU UK nurses out there, to let me know what ICU nursing is like in the UK now.
    I need some reassurance that It will be ok.....
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  3. by   mageean
    I have no experience of ICU but there is a real shortage of skilled Nurses in the UK at present. I'm sure you will be welcomed with open arms. Good luck.
  4. by   CCURN
    I am really glad that there are a lot of brit nurses who want to lend there support, being that nobody replied, I guess its silent support..................
  5. by   karenG
    hey give us time to reply!!

    I havent ever worked in ICU either but would agree that there is a shortage.. the Nursing times is full of jobs for ICU nurses so you could be choosy!

    where are you planning on moving to?

  6. by   mageean
    There are a number of jobs always being advertised as Karen said. website address is:
    Good hunting.
  7. by   CCURN
    I would probably work in Oxford or Bath and I know that they have lots of CCU jobs open. I just cant remember the nursing scope of practice. I know that I do alot of different things over here and get alot more respect. Is moral really low in the UK?
  8. by   mageean
    In my honest opinion, pressure is relentless due to recruitment difficulties and morale obviously suffers.