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Hi everyone, I have finally been contacted by a company in Alberta re: a LPN position. I wanted to know if anyone has dealt with The Bethany Group and can tell me about Camrose Alberta... I... Read More

  1. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Sometimes the devil you know truly is better than the one you don't. But if you wait for everything to be absolutely perfect, you'll be waiting a LONG time. And even when you think you've got everything worked out, something (or many things, as I found out the hard way) will fall apart at the last minute. Finding a place to rent in a small town is always difficult. But on the other hand, small-town people tend to be more willing to bend than people in cities; they know there's not a lot of options for people and will sometimes make exceptions. This might be of interest to you:
  2. by   Trishrpn80
    Jan - thanks for the link... i emailed that one with no response... I need more friends all over the provinces... so i can move.. .somedays i wished i lived in an RV...

    I have called a couple of places... do you know of any towns outside of camrose that would be close.. maps are not really any help.. camrose looks like a city in the middle of nowhere.. which i am used to.. LOL
  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Wetaskiwin is about as far from Camrose as I am from my job in Edmonton... a 30 minute drive. It's bigger than Camrose and might be an alternative for you. There are a couple of rentals there that might suit you. The rest of the communities around Camrose are small farming communities.
  4. by   joanna73
    If you can get the guarantee in writing, I would move to AB. ON is not very lucrative in terms of jobs, and AB pays better. I am originally from ON and I moved to AB. The best move I could have made.

    I have friends that are still working casual in ON a year and a half after graduation. Another couple of friends accepted what they thought was a great opportunity at a downtown TO hospital, and there are talks of more layoffs looming for some people. Good luck with your decision.
  5. by   Alberta_lpn
    Hey Trish
    I also have interviewed with them. Would like to message you but I just joined so it won't allow me. Have you made up your mind if your going to take it or not? Email me I am unsure at this point. They are requesting references etc. It IS full time.... but it's quite a ways from where I live now. Not as far as you at least I am in Alberta. Was your phone interview very long mine was not long at all. Anyways email me if you'd like.
  6. by   Trishrpn80
    The phone interview wasn't long at all. I decided against it. Mainly because there is not much housing down there that would be suitable for my family.. I decided to stay in ON for now.