Taxes in California??

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    Could someone tell me how personal taxes work in CA - I have an offer from a hospital, the pay is 27.50 American starting with a 4 hr shift diff...The cost of living is high, and I don't think the salary is enough to save anything, plus, the hosptial really low balled the rental rate, it was laughable to what rentals really cost. Maybe this is a fair wage if there isn't too much tax, in Canada we are taxed to death...??? If I am from Canada and work in CA, will I have to pay both taxation rates????? How does medical coverage work, is this normally provided???

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  3. by   sweetpea839
    Are you a traveling rn looking for a position? I am from Wisconsin, and I pay CA taxes in CA. these taxes are very high, you will not have to pay Canada and CA taxes! Let me know write me back for more info
  4. by   sweetpea839
    actually, I just asked a travel nurse from canada and I stand corrected, you will have to pay both taxes CA and CDA for one year.
  5. by   sweetpea839
    is your assignment in Santa Barbara?
  6. by   fergus51
    If you are a permanent resident in California (meaning you won't be living in Canada at all during the year) you only pay taxes in California. Travel nursing is different though. At that wage, you'd probably be taking home about 1800 every two weeks if you work 3 12s a week. The taxes here are comparable to Ontario in my experience.
  7. by   joey1967

    Thanks Sweet Pea, it is Santa Barbara - the rent is high there, if I accept an offer I want to make sure I am not living in a closet and that I will have enough to live off of, as well as put something into savings;( I won't be travel nursing, so I wouldn't have to pay Can taxes as well...I laughed when the Recruiter mentioned "living with a roommate", I'm 38 and feel well past the need to have a roommate. I guess it is one way to save money, but not the route I'd choose to go.

    Fergus - Thanks. I use to live in Ontario and in comparison to the rest of Canada, they have a fairly high tax rate ...I thought taxes were suppose to be "low" in the USA...

    Thanks again,
  8. by   fergus51
    The US is just like Canada in that way. Taxes are low in some states and not others. California is pretty well known for having high taxes. I still find that the wages make up for it and the high cost of living. I have been able to put away more money while working here than I ever could in Ontario, BC or Washington state.