Taking the NCLEX in HK in a couple of weeks

  1. hi...i'll be taking my NCLEX in HK next month and i'm just wondering if anyone of you had an experience in booking hotel reservations thru the internet. Usually, we book thru travel agents but i saw this site HotelTravel.com and they offer cheap hotel accomodations, pretty much the hotels the travel agents are offering but with a more reasonable price. Just want to ask if this is safe,esp when giving out card details, and if this is a sure thing, meaning when we get there in the hotel, we'll be accomodated and that HotelTravel.com will be able to really book us?
    hope you can help me with this...thank you so much!

    wishing us all the best...God bless:spin:
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  3. by   loryn
    Hello new Member, welcome to All Nurses.

    I hope you find your answers here just like the many of us who seek the best advise

    Btw, we have the same predicament and goodluck!

  4. by   lawrence01
    Consensus is that they are safe but if you still have reservations, you can always book directly to the hotel's website and always ask for a promo.

    Some 3 star hotels will sometimes give promos or discounts when asked (they usually don't advertise it) and it would come out almost the same price as if you've booked it on a travel agency or 3rd-party website.