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I'm taking the test in two days!!! Studied my butt off for this. I'm a U.S. trained nurse and on top of that its been 3 years since I completed the nursing program in Texas. I had a lot to review. ... Read More

  1. by   bluedanube
    I went through a nurse refresher course and a qualifying course in Canada and I was focusing on med-surg,pedi,OB and some community nursing, communication before the exam for a long time.I studied like I was working and more.
    Still I am wondering what am I going to study if I fail. How am I going to prepare for the subjective, vague questions. I went to a tutor as well before the exam and she gave us general instructions like what to look for in a question, how to analyze it. However many times I had no clue about what they were really after.
    I am sure if someone finished nursing school in Canada,this exam is a piece of cake. Previously, I thought that a refresher course would also prepare the poor souls better for CRNE. However this is not the case. I wonder if the nursing schools'teachers are giving the pool of questions to CNA.