Survived the first round of cuts

  1. Well, I have survived the first round of cuts at our facility. I cannot believe that they have cut back the poor care aides 45 minutes! Our facility is short staffed as it is, and with the demanding residents who want stuff "NOW" their jobs are about to get even harder. So far LPN's and RN's are safe, but apparently that can change any time. I cannot figure out how they can cut us back, but I am sure they will do it. As for housekeeping/dietary and laundry, apparently there have been several independant companies bidding for their contracting out. Anyone in BC experiencing similar cuts?

    THANK YOU MR. CAMPBELL YOU (*&#%(*@&#(%*&!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   fergus51
    Our hospital has apparently instituted a hiring freeze because of budget concerns!!! Can you believe that? When we're already desperately short? I have no idea what idiots are making these decisions!
  4. by   Joybug
    Why don't the politicians ever get sick and realise firsthand the errors of their ways? Let patients and families know that they can write to the newspapers and directly to the politicians. Sounds like Campbell won't be re-elected, given his "popular" decisions.
  5. by   fergus51
    They fired a bunch of our computer people and the chaplain this week. Things are getting very bad.

    Campbell will just be sure to give out lots of money before reelection time. It amazes me how many people are convinced all these cuts are necessary when the gov't GAVE away 2 billion in revenue....