Supplementary/Independent Prescriber

  1. What is the differnece between Supplementary prescriber and Independent Prescriber.

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  3. by   XB9S
    Hi Paris,

    Supplementary Prescribing is where you have a nurse who has undergone at least a 6 mont degree program that allows her to prescribe with the agreement of an independent prescriber using clinical managment plans. THese plans can be very specific or very very broad.

    I am a SP and my CMP's are both. I have one that covers thyroid and parathyroidectomys which are very specific and allows me to prescribe thyroxines, calcium and analgesia.

    I also have an emergency surgical CMP which allows me to prescribe laxitives, analgesics, PPI's and any other medication the patient is currently maintained on or recommended by an independent prescriber. This allows me to prescribe almost anything, .

    Now and Independant nurse prescriber in England is a nurse who has done the SP course and feels that she has sufficient knowledge and skills to prescribe independently this is without an agreement with thier doctor and can prescribe any drug within the BNF except controlled drugs although i believe this is going to change and incorporate everything, if she / he feels that more training is required there is an optional course. In Wales the conversion course in mandatory and as such we have no independent nurse prescribers in wales yet. The first conversion is due to take place next spring so supplementary prescribers who want to convert can do so then. The idea being that the nurse knows their scope of practice and is able to prescribe safely within her knowldge and abilities and say no if she is not happy.

    Eventually I believe the plan is that there will be no supplementary prescribers it will only be independent nurse prescribing althought those nurses that want to use a clinical mangement plan can.

    If you want to know anymore feel free to PM me
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  4. by   karenG
    Being an independant prescriber has made my job as a nurse practitioner so much easier.......

    I prescribe within my areas of competency... there is very little i am uncomfortable prescribing.