struggling to find out more BScN part time distance info- UBC anyone???

  1. I have been looking and LOOKING and searching and asking about which route of education to take for degree completion.

    I am currently doing a part time course with Ottawa U BUT IT IS TAKING FOR FREAKING EVER!

    I want a FAST paced, demanding course of study, that is still managable..... since I do work full time.

    I have been looking at the distance ed route with UBC and also looking at others ( Lakehead) for one.

    Can anyone and everyone who has experience with this give me input. Athabasca, yes have tried, just not what I wanted.... want a more structured, fast paced approach. Ryerson has a good one, but it is TOO FAR AWAY from me, to even try- 3 hours by car.

    Anyone? UBC? Lakehead? Anyone have any other input?/


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  3. by   globalRN
    I did my BSN at UBC in the early eighties... .
    In retrospect, some of the courses we had to take:Physical education and family nursing were invaluable and shows that curriculum planners had vision(although I did not appreciate that when I was an undergrad). UBC has an excellent reputation so I
    would imagine that the distance course would be worth looking at.
    How about McMaster University?
    University of Victoria?
  4. by   jurbyjunk
    Try the University of Victoria. Thay have an excellent post-RN degree program, and, if you decide to go for a MSN, their BSN is recognized anywhere, unlike some other university BSNs or BHS degrees.
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  5. by   kathkrn
    Ryerson University and York University in Toronto both have acclerated full-time post-RN BScN programs - 18 months...

    You can look them both up on-line.
  6. by   kathkrn
    Well, if it was not the middle of the night, I might have noticed your comment about the distance to Ryerson...

    There is is another search engine site that might give you some info.
  7. by   kathkrn is distance education from Florida

    Apparently University of Victoria has a great program