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  1. I have a question about visa screen. I am already in the States on an H4 visa. My husband is on an H1 work permit. I recently received my nursing license to work . I did the TSE test 2 times and didn't pass (I got 45).
    Why do I have to do a spoken english test for the visa screen if I am already in the States?
    If my husband receive his green card , I will receive it too. So eventually I will be able to work without the TSE .
    I guess there are some nurses who have a green card working without passing a test of spoken english (In case they got the green card from their partner for example). This test of spoken english does not make any sense in some cases when nurses are already in the states. It is Illogic.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    First of all, it will take your husband five years to get a green card, only nurses are fast-tracked.

    Next, my opinion, all nurses should be required to take the English exams and pass them to be permitted to work in the US.

    Just because you are already in the US, does not mean that you have good English skills and sory to say but a patient's life depends on that.

    Focus on passing the English exams, many employers may aske to see it, even if the federal govt or state does not require that. An Employer can if they want.

    Your issue will also be with getting hired, if your skills are not good, then you will not get the job. Your skills in communicatioin need to be perfect.
    So that people can understand you and you can understand them.

    Depending on where you come form, you may find it easier to get thru the IELTS series, as you will speak directly to a human and not a machine.
    But you are going to need to practice and practice and practice.