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  1. hi to all! can anyone here willing to guide me with the steps for applying for credential evaluation. Can i apply for it even if i'm not yet to take the NCLEX exam? Can i personally send my transcript to them? Thanks !
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  3. by   RGN1
    Check out the CGFNS web site: then click on the CES link once you enter the main site - I can't seem to post a direct link for you.

    All you have to do is fill out the paperwork on-line & pay the fee in the way you choose. You cannot send them your transcripts, they have to come straight from your school. I think it will cost you something around $275 plus whatever the school charges you.
  4. by   RGN1
    Ah - the direct link did work after all!!

    Oh, & yes you can apply for CES even if you haven't taken N-CLEX. many UK nurses do so because of the issues around required hours. The CES is a service that is there to tell you whether or not your training is equivalent to US nurses &, therefore, whether you can go ahead & apply to take N-CLEX.

    If you already have N-CLEX you have no need of the CES as your hours & education will have already been validated in order for you to get your ATT.

    Once you have N-CLEX then you will need to get a VisaScreen Certificate from CGFNS ($398 currently). You will have to apply for that even if you've got your CES because it's an immigration requirement.
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    thank you so much for the info.
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    hi..does it mean you have to take the CGFNS even though you passed the NCLEX just to get the Visa Screen Certificate?
  7. by   RGN1
    NO. The VisaScreen is just a Certificate (that'll cost you $398) that verifies that you meet all requirements to nurse in the USA. It is an evaluation of your eduction in your home country, to check that you are licensed in your home country & to verify that you have passed N-CLEX RN. It's an immigration requirement for nurses (& other healthcare workers for whom their education etc is verified) that only CGFNS are licensed to do right now.

    It does not need you to take CGFNS exam if you have N-CLEX RN.
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    You can also check the international forum, all the best
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    This thread is almost two years old, anything having to do with the CES can be found under the International Forum.

    This thread has been moved to there. There are also more current threads available, please just do a search for those.