SSN and TOEFL issue with International Nurses !!!

  1. Dear All,

    I am writing in this forum to get some serious suggestion regarding the problem. I have completed my nursing education (3 yrs of Intermediate Nursing and 2 years of Bachelor of Nursing) from Nepal and have passed NCLEX exam through North Carolina Board of Nursing in June 2010. I was in F2 status (dependent visa) while I appeared NCLEX exam. But now I am in F1-student visa and taking the RN-BSN pre-requisites coursed in the community college. I am planning to join the university in Fall 2011 for the completion of RN-BSN course. My RN-licence is pending at North Carolina Board of Nursing because I do not have social security number. They will not issue the RN-licence without SSN. Also, the universities do not accept the admission for RN-BSN completion course without having the valid RN-licence. I am in a great trouble. I am going to finish all my pre-requisites coursed by the summer of 2011 and if I am not admitted in the University by that time, I have to repeat the course in community college to maintain my F1 status.

    Do you know if I can transfer the NCLEX result to any other state and get the licence from there? Also, I have passed IELTS just enough to get admission in the community college but not enough to fulfill the requirement of Visa Screen of CGFNS.

    It would be a great help if anyone could suggest me which state does not required a SSN and TOEFL to release RN-licence. I will definitely appear the TOEFL while doing Visa Screening after passing my RN-BSN.

    I just need a RN-licence to go to the RN-BSN program.

    Thank you for your valuable time in reading my problem.

    I hope to get a suggestion from you.

    Charlotte, NC
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    If you are on F1 then you could apply for leave to work and apply for a SSN. English exam I believe is usually exempt if you trained/schooled in the US but may want to check with BON first