1. Hello California nurses,
    I work as a RN in Canada and have a big problem with getting a license, as Social Security Administration could not issue me a Social Security Number without a license and vice versa(the board of nursing could not issue me a license withouta SSN) . It's 'Catch22".Is there enyone out there who can help me with right information.
    Thank you.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    It has nothing to do at all with the license, but having a legal document that you can work in the US.

    When you take the pass the NCLEX exam, you will get a letter that you have passed the exam, that is all that is needed for you to get a job offer. You will need that job offer letter plus the Visa Screen Certificate to get a TN-Visa at the border.

    Once you have that visa in hand, you then go to the Social Security Adminsitration office and submit for the SSN#. Average wait time is about ten days.

    Question moved to International Forum since it has nothing to do with working in CA, but with International issues. Hope that the above cleats up things for you.