Sporting Poll - For those Aussies and all

  1. Sporting Poll - For those Aussies
    whhich sport was best for you in 2002

    The World Cup Soccer
    The Grand final - Australian Rules
    The Rugby league Final
    The Melbourne Cup

    Thought l would try and post a poll - this will be interresting wont it

    What event did you think was the best event in 2002- these are just a couple that jumped into my head please make your comments

    Sporting events for 2002 - I will now try and make it into a real poll - not done one before - where is Ted when you need him - the King of polls

  2. Poll: Which was the top sport in OZ in 2002

    • The World Cup Soccer

      16.67% 2
    • The Grand final Australian Rules

      66.67% 8
    • The Rugby league Final

      0% 0
    • The Melbourne Cup

      16.67% 2
    12 Votes
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  4. by   Tookie
    OK have posted my first poll - Probably wont make a lot of sense to the honoary (wish l could spell) Aussies - But the NZ's will kow some - and it may make others want to know

    I do enjoy my sports - I get very tired watching all the sport that happens in our country. - I would be a real Norm(a) l guess
  5. by   Aussienurse2
    State of Origin.
  6. by   OzNurse69
    Hey, I picked the GF -- what else could I say??

    I live in Brisbane

    It was 2 in a row (even though at heart I'm an Essendon girl!)

    I sat in the Sawtell Bowls Club with my BIL who is a FANATICAL Collingwood supporter -- AND THE LIONS FLOGGED THEM!!!!
  7. by   bewbew
    I vote the Melbourne Cup..........I know I must'nt be a 'proper' Victorian as I have no interest at all in games that involve people kicking a ball around!
  8. by   NurseRachy
    heheh ok - so i voted twice!!!
    The Aussie Rules Grand Final and then the Melbourne Cup - who wouldn't enjoy having a public holiday *in Vic anyway* to dress up, look gorgous and sip champagne all day!!! (Please being an EXCELLENT excuse to shop!!!)
    heheh, what was that i heard about saving money???

    Love Rachel
  9. by   sandgroper
    Had to be Damien Oliver's inspirational and poignant win in the Melbourne Cup.

    I don't follow that form of sport, but it brought a tear to my eye.
  10. by   sandgroper
    Oh yeah, he was on a horse wasn't he?
  11. by   sandgroper
    Media Puzzle
  12. by   Tookie
    well it seesm there are more AFL supporteers out ther than l thought - where are the rest of you
    Now then how about a comnet (only if you want to on the spa incident)
  13. by   OzNurse69
    Media beat-up -- don't particularly have a lot of time for the man, but I think someone (ie the guy with the camera) was just out to try & cash in.

    What about the guy asking for compensation b/c Carey's mates stole his camera? It was disposeable, for crying out loud! Total value of about $12.50!!

    I feel sorry for his wife -- why is she still sticking around?? I would have been out the door the first time it happened....
  14. by   frannybee
    All the girls at work, me included, went in early so we could wear our England shirts, warpaint and St George's Cross bandannas while we ate bacon butties in front of the World Cup matches on the waiting room telly.

    My BF and I went with some Kiwi mates to see the All Blacks give Wales a thorough spanking - the only All Blacks supporters in a sea of Welsh fans. All the Kiwis were on the opposite side of the stadium to us. It was worth it
  15. by   Tookie
    Frannybee - sounds to me as though you dont follow the aussie rules - but thats OK - Glad you got a chance to see such a good match - Its great seeing a sporting festival like that when your O/S we went to a FA cup final when we over there and to Lords and to the Oval - as well as Wiimbeldon (couldnt find any wombbles though) thats how long ago that was - It will be 25 years ago since we left the old DART in Oct - tear coming to my eye as l write this.