Specializing in a certain area...?

  1. Got another quick question

    I've heard that you learn/practise throughout university the ups/downs along with the dirty work in the field of nursing.

    I'm okay with all that.. I can manage to deal with all of the hassle in school, but once I'm finished and apply for a job, do I have to start at the bottom? Meaning, can I apply for pediatrics and be eligable for the position? or do I need to work my way up for it?

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  3. by   fergus51
    If you want to go into a specialty right after grad (I did), then it would be useful if you got in some specialty courses before you graduate. I did some perinatal courses through BCIT while in school getting my BSN so that got me in the door. Go to www.bcit.ca or www.mtroyal.ab.ca and click on their distance courses. There are a lot of them that you can take while still a student. You don't need 2 years of med-surg anymore.
  4. by   disher
    You can work in pediatrics without a certificate or specialty training, you would benefit from clinical experience in the area so ask to do your consolidation there.
    Sick kids are very big on family centered care, some universities offer family health as a professional elective if your university offers it, take it, it will be relevant to your area of interest.
  5. by   FF/RN
    I agree with the other replies about consolidation in that particular speciality area. Perhaps prior to a very large commitment with that , have you tried a little volunteer work at a Pediatric facility? That may be all you need to make it decisive or change your mind totally.