Since I was a little lad

  1. Hey everyone,
    Ever since I was a little one I have ALWAYS wanted to move to London. The scenery, accent, arts, culture...I love it. I could just be dreaming this, but when I saw {yes I watched MTV} "The Real World-London," I was smitten . Anyway, once I get my education done here {won't be for a while though}, I hope to move to London with my offspring.
    I find it a great opportunity for my photography, and based on a research paper I read my freshman year of college, I hear the school systems are better than that in the US, for my children.
    I want to know how much, approximately, the living expenses are over there {also, what's the difference between a flat, studio apartment, any other London term not familiar with, etc..}, and if the salary for nurses and CRNA's are higher or lower than in the US.
    Any other info, whether it be to contradict what I have chosen to believe, or let me in on anything else I should know about London {or the like}, then I would greatly appreciate.
    Thank you for your time, I'll go read my "London Style" book for now .
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  3. by   Kaylesh
    IN general the salary here in the UK for nurses is MUCH MUCH lower than in the US.. Im a US born,bred and educated RN. I moved here to Scotland in July 99 because I love the country and the people. Yes i knew i was taking a HUGE paycut.. However I find that some things are more important than or $...There is what they call a London weighting for nurses which means they get a bit more than those outside of London.. Not sure how much that is .. There is also now what is called the London congestion charge for those working in London.. again not sure of how much that I live way up north in Scotland. :-).. You can easily find out prices for flat(apartment) rentals by doing a search on it on any of the search engines.. is the uk version of I know there are lots of real estate sites.
    Take Care
  4. by   karenG
    oh boy how long have you got?

    I live on the outskirts of london- so feel free to pm with any questions!

    its expensive to live here- honest! but I love being close to london!