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Hi GUys As you know I am scheduled to have my face to face interview with Rhode Island Hospital in April, They have sent me a information pack in which was included a possible contract for me too... Read More

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    Quote from suzanne7575
    no we generally rotate through all 3 shifts. I would love a night shift contract here in the UK, but there is no such thing anymore you have to rotate through earlys, lates and nights, which is why I have to work as a bank nurse (per diem) in order to get the shifts i need.
    All but one hospital I've ever worked at (NHS & private) has had separate staff for nights. I haven't done "internal rotation" as it's called for 15 years! Would never do it again either, it's horrible!

    Clare, 3-11.30, if you're doing that every shift is not so bad - not perfect I'd admit - but your contract will have an end & then you can try for something better. I know you'd be home late but you wouldn't have to get up at the crack of dawn the next day so it could work. I wouldn't cancel your interview because even if you end up deciding it's not for you it would be a great opportunity to gain interviewing experience.