Shift breaks - 8 or 10 hours??

  1. Hi all,

    I am a newbie here but thought I'd give this forum a go to see if anyone had an advice for me. I just finished my degree a few weeks ago and moved to sunny Queensland where I'm about to start my new grad. The hospital wants to know if I want to retain my right to a 10-hour break between shifts (as per the Award), or go with 8-hour breaks (presumably so I can do late/early's and have a bit more flexibility).

    I'm not really a huge fan of late/early's, however I only live around the corner so I won't be travelling far to and from work. So I'm not sure which option will make my life easier, especially since I have never worked full-time shift work...

    Any advice greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   gwenith
    Okay - Late/earlies are a KILLER!!! Make no mistake. No matter how close you live if you get more than 4 hours sleep between a late early you are doing well. The disadvantage of the 10 hour break is that you do not have the "extended time off" you do with late/earlies. Eight hour breaks allow you to have an early shift before days off and a late shift after days off ( the extended break). Most often if you are rosted with a 10 hour break you will have one week earlies, one week late shifts.
  4. by   ally_26
    Hi purplemeech
    Where abouts are you doing your grad program? I've also just graduated and am doing my grad program at ******
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  5. by   purplemeech
    Thanks Gwynith for your advice - I did do late/early's when I was at uni so I am well aware of how horrendous they can be (I had a sadistic facilitator doing our rosters) however I didn't realise about the patterning of shifts for people with 10 hour breaks. I am a bit of a night owl so a week of early's is actually about as appealing as a week of late/early's!!

    Ally, I'm at (*mystery Brissie hospital*), starting in about a month's time.
    Congrats on getting into your grad program - what area are you going into? And are you taking the 8 or 10 hour shift break? A pretty hard decision for new grads I reckon, especially if you're like me and haven't worked full-time shift work before... could make a lot of difference....

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  6. by   gwenith
    Hmmm you two might take some thought about keeping quiet where you work in case you need this forum to vent.

    You never know it just might turn out horrible and you will need to come here for advise and then if your co-workers find out................

    Suggest you keep where you are working to PM and edit the info.
  7. by   purplemeech
    Thanks Gwynith, good advice (I think I'm overly optimistic about my new job... )
  8. by   ally_26
    Thanks gwenith!!!
    I never thought about that, just excited to have a grad position.
    Purplemeech I have worked full time shift work before and although late/earlys are killers i enjoy the time off it allows as gwenith said. I know if you choose 10 hours breaks, if you doing a late/early you start at 9am for early or start earlier for late , as in start at 1330.
  9. by   froghair
    rather than having a 10hr break betweek shifts id rather work 10 shifts and have more days off. i work full time nights (8.5hr shifts) 10 of them so it works out to 5hrs at over time rates and i would love to do 8 10hr shifts instead