Select Medical Connections? Travel nurse in BC?

  1. Hi, Has anyone heard of Select Medical Connections? They are a recruitment agency based in Vancouver and I was looking at possibly taking a travel nurse in BC. Has anyone done this or dealt with this company? ANy advice?
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  3. by   zolly786
    nope. the only one i know of is solutions staffing. but that's because they're based out of prince george and i know a few people who work for them.

    sorry i'm of no help.
  4. by   Fiona59
    I didn't think there were "travel" nurses in Canada. I know there are none at my hospital. Everyone gets hired and orientated the same way, by the hospital.
  5. by   jpoparty
    The recruiter from this agency said that the travel nursing is a new initiative the BC government is doing to get staff into the province...have you heard of the company?
  6. by   suzanne4
    "New initiative" does not mean that any facilities are using them yet. That is what we are talking about here. There have not been any travel companies that have been placing in Canada. So there is not going to be anyone with any idea of what will happen there. This is a new thing, and still not have seen anyone that has actually started and has posted about it.

    You are going to need to be very careful and do a thorough search on any agency. If they have not done it before, it is going to be new to everyone. I woudl focus on what their history was before starting this venture, and if new to all of agency placement, that would be a large red flag to any of us.

    Best of luck to you.
  7. by   zolly786
    there are some travel nursing companies in canada. like i said, i know of one. i work with nurses who are hired by said company to work in other health regions (you can't work in the same health region in which you are employed). my friends haven't had any trouble as of yet. and the people who do the hiring and placement work in the hospital (and are darn good nurses in my personal opinion) on a casual basis.

    and like pps have said, be careful. it is fairly new in bc, and i wouldn't go with just anyone. i won't do it because i have a full time position and don't think it's fair to either take a loa to do this or to fly down to the coast on my days off (most of the work is in fraser health or interior health), bust my butt and then come back up here to work my set.

    and no, i still haven't heard of the company you're talking about. but that's also because i'm not looking to do agency nursing.
  8. by   suzanne4
    Agency nursing and travel nursing are two very different things. One is essentially per diem work and the other is contracted in at full-time for a certain length of the contract. Definitely not the same.

    Even on this Bulletin Board, you will see a forum for Travel Nursing and one for Agency Nursing.
  9. by   zolly786
    my bad. i didn't know there was a difference.
  10. by   jpoparty
    How do I find out more about this company? I checked the better business bureau and there is nothing on them...any ideas?
  11. by   jpoparty
    I think the work she was talking about was short-term contracts, and she also said they are offering housing with the placement. Does this sound accurate?
  12. by   jpoparty
    Quote from zolly786
    nope. the only one i know of is solutions staffing. but that's because they're based out of prince george and i know a few people who work for them.

    sorry i'm of no help.
    Could you tell me what your friends experience was with Solutions staffing?
    I am looking to take a travel assignment with them, however I am wondering how the work conditiions are.
  13. by   bbfw2
    I have used Select Medical Connections in the past for permanent placement jobs in the USA. I found them very honest and helpful, and I WOULD use them again. I have recommended them to others as well

    Wendy Getchell
  14. by   travelnurse4
    I have worked as an RPN for select and I am also hired with solutions however have not worked with them yet. Select is smaller however easy to deal with, professional and you are paid on time, well looked after. I have no negative things to say about them. They us eonly one site in bc for RPN but way more for RN's, they are a great company so far. i have delt witht he owner adn hav enothing but praise. Also the nurses I have met through this company have been great. if you have questions you can send me a pm
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