Seeking other UK RN's in USA

  1. I thought it would be fun to talk to other UK RN's in USA to compare notes. I graduated from Glasgow University, Scotland in 1984 with a BN/RGN and moved to LA 15 years ago (for a year or two!) I work part-time at a local ER, married with 2 kids. How about you?
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  3. by   thistlegirl
    Just wanted to say hello, i'm not in the US (yet!!), but I currently work in Glasgow (GRI) Did you work there before you moved?
  4. by   suehp
    Hi, I trained in North Wales and qualified in 1989. I have been in Vero Beach Florida for 14 months so far. Married with 2 boys.
  5. by   UKRNinUSA
    Quote from thistlegirl
    Just wanted to say hello, i'm not in the US (yet!!), but I currently work in Glasgow (GRI) Did you work there before you moved?
    I did my clinicals at the GRI and worked in the Burn Unit in 1984 as a staff nurse for a few months before I took off to work as a camp nurse. Where do you work? Where did you do your "training"? Are you thinking of coming over?
  6. by   madwife2002
    I worked in a renal unit in Manchester until 1999 then relocated to Portsmouth where I did my BSC in Midwifery, then I worked as a midwife in Southampton then Portsmouth. I took bad advice and returned to nursing in 2004, I was told I would never get to the US as a midwife-but it turned out to be a good decision as I really enjoyed going back to nursing. I came to the US last year. I found it hard for about 9 months but then like a pregnancy the best bit came after the 9 months lol.
  7. by   thistlegirl
    Hi I work in medical at GRI. Did my training at eastern college of nursing (now closed!) Hoping to move to Phoenix in 2007 currently waiting for approval
  8. by   Celia M
    I went to Manchester Royal Infirmary for my nursing school in 1983 (IC SEP83) and finished Dec 16 1986 (20 year anniversary last Saturday). I worked at MRI on M4M as a staff nurse for 9 or so months then moved to Leicester Royal and worked on Froane (surgical ward for 6 months prior to moving to ICU. My boyfriend, then fiance now husband was in the RAF and was stationed at RAF Wittering and LRI was closer than MRI. 6 days after our wedding he was posted to China Lake naval weapons station in Rudgecrest California, in the Mojave desert. We liked it so much he got out of the RAF and we stayed,we've been here for 18 years now. I still work at the local hospital, I'm now the manager of ICU/CCU/med/surg/tele and still enjoying it. DH is a capital accountant at the local chemical company We are now American citizens as our kids 3 and 7 are and we have no intention of living in the UK again
  9. by   woodhill30
    Hi I am RN, worked mainly as a midwife in Aberdeen, Scotland. Qualified in general nursing in1987 and Midwifery in 1989. I moved to Texas U.SA one year ago exactly with DH and kids. Have spent the last year getting employment authorisation etc and just sat my Nclex yesterday. I cant keep away from the computer just now because I keep checking for results! Even though I know its too early to check.
    I really want the experience of working here so much. The hospitals nearest me just do 12 hour shifts and it looks like I will have to nightshift, which would be okay I think. I also reckon I wont have much choice it will have to be labour and delivery. Which I love but it will be very very different.
    Any U.K nurses that plan on working in Texas , I have found out a lot in the last year give me a shout i am happy to help!
  10. by   UKRNinUSA
    Fingers crossed for you woodhill30 -let us know your results
  11. by   Silverdragon102
    good luck on the NCLEX woodhill30
  12. by   woodhill30
    Hi just got my results via pearson vue, so happy, job here I come!
  13. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from woodhill30
    Hi just got my results via pearson vue, so happy, job here I come!
  14. by   Kelky
    Hi! I trained as a nurse and then midwife in the South Wales area, moved to the US in 1996 with hubby's job, to the Atlanta area. I stayed home for a while then did a nurse refresher course as well as NCLEX etc. I now work as a part time school nurse at my youngest son's school, and also work PRN in a small maternity hospital. I was in L & D but found that hard as an ex midwife, it is so doctor dominated in that unit, so I am switching to postpartum next month and I'll see if I can cope with that better. I enjoy working as an RN here, the other nurses are from all over the world and it's very interesting, everyone has been very friendly.

    I'm also starting a BN with the University of Dundee soon, I just didn't feel I was busy enough