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I thought it would be fun to talk to other UK RN's in USA to compare notes. I graduated from Glasgow University, Scotland in 1984 with a BN/RGN and moved to LA 15 years ago (for a year or two!) I... Read More

  1. by   woodhill30
    is it a long distance course to dundee scotland you are doing? I am originally from dundee , did my nurse and midwife training in aberdeen then did my bsc midwifery in dundee.
    I dont know how ill cope in l&d either but would like the experience. The good thing here is there are so many hospitals in Scotland there isnt much choice.
  2. by   Kelky
    Yes, all online/correspondence. It's a long commute from Atlanta to Dundee!

    Not all L & D's are as medically oriented I'm sure, I had a baby here with a midwife and it wasn't at all like that. I am not in a position to do midwifery education here as yet and I'm not sure I want to.
  3. by   woodhill30
    Okay! That did sound stupid, I kinda wondered if you were going to say it was Dundee U.S.A if there is such a place, there are 3 Aberdeens in America!!!!!
  4. by   Kelky
    I wondered if there was a Dundee in the US when I saw the course advertised, so no, not stupid at all! I'm just so excited that there's a British university that's NLN accredited, it made the application process so much easier for me. I've never even been to Scotland but who knows, maybe this will give me a reason to get up there :spin:
  5. by   woodhill30
    Whats NLN accredited? If you go to Dundee my parents would put you up , my mums a retired nurse and they always have heeps of people stay with them, big house no kids at home now!!I'm serious!
  6. by   Kelky
    Basically I think it means that the nursing bigwigs over here have looked at the course and decided yes it's good enough, big stamp of approval. I'm sure someone could explain it better but that was the gist of it. I do know it is the only UK course that is approved by the US accrediting authorities.
    NLNAC - National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission

    Does your Mum know you're inviting strange sassenachs you met on the internet over to stay with her!! Very sweet of you though. As I understand it, should I actually finish the course I can attend the graduation ceremony, I don't know that I want to, I'm not an 'on-show' type, but it's an excuse to see Scotland and have a party after all. You did say 'big house' after all!
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  7. by   cat1804
    Quote from woodhill30
    Hi I am RN, worked mainly as a midwife in Aberdeen, Scotland. Qualified in general nursing in1987 and Midwifery in 1989. I moved to Texas U.SA one year ago exactly with DH and kids. Have spent the last year getting employment authorisation etc and just sat my Nclex yesterday. I cant keep away from the computer just now because I keep checking for results! Even though I know its too early to check.
    I really want the experience of working here so much. The hospitals nearest me just do 12 hour shifts and it looks like I will have to nightshift, which would be okay I think. I also reckon I wont have much choice it will have to be labour and delivery. Which I love but it will be very very different.
    Any U.K nurses that plan on working in Texas , I have found out a lot in the last year give me a shout i am happy to help!

    Hi, I'm kat, i'm in my final year a nursing college in the uk and was hoping to do my three week elective placement in texas, i've been doing some research not sure if it will be possible yet though. Just wondered if you had any suggestions on possible places to look at. I'd really love to get out their.

  8. by   aberrn
    Did my SEN at Nocton Hall while I was in the RAF.
    Did my SRN at Pilgrim Hospital in Boston Lincs,then went to St Elizabeths Hospital in Beaumont TX in 1979.
    Moved to Houston and worked at Clear Lake Hospital,Twelve Oaks,and agency all over Houston .
    Moved to Atlanta in 1984/5,worked ER ever since all over town.Presently do weekend Baylor.

    Thinking of retiring back to UK but don't think I could get back into the NHS.. Any thoughts on that subject?.
  9. by   renafriday
    Hi, after 20 years in the NHS I am moving to the States. I currently work in central London & I have to warn you the job situation for senior nurses is not looking good. With your experience you should be employed in a senior position but very few jobs available. Depends what you want. Many Hospitals are struggling financially and I mean really struggling. Resources are tight and this can be frustrating when trying to give the best care. Never worked in the private sector in the UK so unable to give advice on that.
    Hope this helps
  10. by   renafriday
    Hi, Currently working in London, hoping to be in Arizona within the next year, great to link up with any other UK nurses already there for tips advice please.
  11. by   caramel
    hello caramel here.
    i qualified from kingston university (london) p2k ex student . currently working at ucla hospital in california . i got here 18mnths ago. nearly done as my contract is 2yrs . would like to top up my diploma to a degree. don't want to spend too much time in uni either . over here i have been told it could take 3yrs .due to pre reqs. any idea fastest way to go
  12. by   madwife2002
    Quote from renafriday
    Hi, Currently working in London, hoping to be in Arizona within the next year, great to link up with any other UK nurses already there for tips advice please.


    There are a few of us on here either all ready in AZ or on their way. Ask away anything you need to know and we'll hopefully be able to answer them