Schedule A Visa Numbers to remain 'Current' till end of 2006

  1. there were so many anxious questions here about the avaialability of 50,000 new visas alloted for schedule a occupation (nurse/pts)..

    here is the good news from one of the trusted immigration law firms here in us. their take is, it will be avaialble through out fiscal year 2006.

    this is the extract from oh law firm (

    what about schedule a numbers?the 50,000 schedule a numbers will provide relief to many employment preference applicants, since any schedule a applicant whose priority date is beyond the relevant employment preference cut-off date can be processed and charged against the 50,000 limit. it is expected that schedule a numbers will be available on a “current” basis throughout all of fy-2006

    as regulars in this site know,, another highly respected california based law firm has predicted (in last may) that it would be enough for 2-3 years.

    dos itself mentioned that, this 50 k visa numbers are enough for the foreseable future..
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  3. by   Rep
    This is good news. Here is another link that would provide another 90,000 visas if approve by the US Senate.
  4. by   NYrnTX
    This indeed is great news, but this 90K visas are not 'reserved' for Schedule A. It will be distributed among all EB categories. My understanding is that Schedule A will get a share from this 90K quota as well, because the 50K 'special' for ScheduleA is intended to be used only if a visa number is not available anywhere else.

    Quote from Rep
    This is good news. Here is another link that would provide another 90,000 visas if approve by the US Senate.
  5. by   himdale

    The U.S. Fiscal Year 2006 started last October 1, 2005 and would end at September 30, 2006. If DOS states that Schedule A would only last til FY 2006 and these 50k visas will be gone by September 30, 2006 and NOT December 31, 2006.

    We need new immigration laws. Hope the recapturing of the 90K and excemption of their families push through in the U.S. Congress!

    Please support this bill. I urge everyone in the U.S. to e-mail their Senators and Congressmen and make them aware of the issue!

    I hope the famous Spectrum Group will be helping too. This is the famous group that lobbied the 50k visas in the U.S. Congress!

    More power to all!

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    good deal.
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