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I was given a job offer by the Regina Qu'Apelle Health Region last January 2009. I am currently waiting for my visa approval and SRNA eligibility.. I am done with my medical examination for the... Read More

  1. by   5cats
    In fact I received my job offer before eligibility, but for the visa I needed it, what makes sense, since you cannot work without the grad licence. So it seems the embassy here acts differently.

    Anyway, I'll see you in Regina then eventually

  2. by   gambutrol

    SRNA have already sent an email about the documents that they have received (just awhile ago).. I am already relieved.. they have received all of the required documents.. that's all what I need to know.. thank you for those who supported..
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  3. by   gambutrol

    we'll have the visa but the deployment will be pending.. where do you work in Regina? I hope to see you soon also..
  4. by   bonsai_25
    If you pass the CRNE from Sasketchewan, will ONtario credit that exam? Or do you have to take their assessment package again?
  5. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    The CRNE is the accepted exam in all of Canada except Quebec. After all, it's the CANADIAN Registered Nurse Examination. BUT... IENs still have to meet each province's requirements for licensure. So yes, if you write the CRNE in Saskatchewan and pass, Ontario will credit you with it. You will also have to meet their requirements by having your credentials assessed by them. This holds true for any applicant, even Canadians, when they want to move to another province.
  6. by   oobie
    Hello Gambutrol!

    I have just read through the length of your thread.. I agree with roll_69 that SRNA has been receiving large amounts of IEN application for the last 6 months and every application is in queu, processed according to when it was received.

    As for your working visa, the Canadian Embassy may or may not grant you one pending your SRNA eligibility. You are right that some nurses have been issued a visa without the eligibility but the general requirement for issuance is the Eligibility letter. Besides, upon your entry to canada, the immigration officer will ask for your eligibility letter to take the CRNE from SRNA as a supporting document to your work permit.

    I am glad to hear that you have been relieved to receive the Document checklist from SRNA via email and all required documents have been received. But, having so means that they have just opened your file and will still need to process it. They will still review and evaluate the number of nursing hours you have practiced and might write your you for verification including you, your previous employers as to the currency of your nursing practice. I knew of some whose RLE hours have been questioned as to the area of Pediatrics and Pyschiatric Nursing.

    Lastly, have patience and comply asap if they require anything. Take note the name of the person who sent you the email as she is the one who is processing your file. Call if you need to for clarification of concerns.

    You mentioned you are going to work at the Regina General Hospital under the Regina Qu' Appelle Health Region. The next batch of IEN take will be this fall yet as we have heard here. So, that will be September and that will by batch.

    Welcome to Regina and hope this helps!:spin:
  7. by   gambutrol
    thanks oobie.. yup, they said on the email that it will take 6 weeks or so to process the application.. as for the employers verification they have sent it already last may 24.. I am just waiting for my chief nurse to notify me.. actually I am not in a hurry to go to Canada.. as what I have mentioned in my first message in the thread.. I am just anxious if SRNA have received the documents that I have sent to them... since they have e-mailed me already that they have receive all of the documents, that's already comforting for me.. I was just worried because I have spent thousand of pesos just to process all of those requirements, and if they didn't receive it that will tear my heart apart.. hehe.. just kidding, but it will really disappoint me.. just recently one of batchmate received her visa without the eligibility.. so that gave me the idea that they do issue the visa without the eligibility.. but also I do know that we will not be deployed without the eligibility..

    thank you for welcoming me.. hope to see you.. I think you're the same oobie in pinoy2canada forum.. hehe.. thanks.. I am the same gambutrol also.. obviously.. hehe..
  8. by   lana_08
    @ gambutrol:

    hi! how long have you been working as a nurse here in the philippines? and what agency did you apply to? do they consider registered nurses even without post licensure experience yet? i am planning to send my application to SRNA anytime soon. i am aware that i may be required to take the SEC but im keeping my fingers crossed they wouldn't. hehe..
  9. by   gambutrol
    @ lana

    I am under Mercan agency here in the Philippines. They do require at least 1-2 years clinical nursing experience, but it's up to you if you still want to apply for the eligibility.. I think having an experience is not a requirement for applying an eligibility, but agencies here in the Philippines does require nurses to have one before they consider your application.. The eligibility, BTW, has a validity period..
  10. by   dune_2005
    hello there nurses bound for saskatchewan!
    i am a new user by the way.i have read thru your thread about IEN for saskatchewan. i have sent my application to SRNA last Feb.2009 and just july 7 I received the checklist.i am on the process of waiting for their decision and it is quite nerve breaking to wait as i've learned from you people that SEC is agent told me before i started that SRNA does not require IEN to do SEC but i guess i was the predicament of waiting is more heart bounding.i am looking for another job prospect due to unstable contract with my current employer and canada was a great opportunity but now it seems harder to pursue bec. of SEC. i cant afford to go to canada and spent lots of money just to do the SEC bec. first i don't have that much(i have 3 kids to feed)and sec. i am not sure if i will pass.
    what about you guys?are you in regina now?how's the process?did you really did the SEC?how long before you receive your eligibilty?
    please anyone can reply.just need informations to lighten me up...thanks and good luck to us all
  11. by   5cats
    the first group of filipino nurses didn't have to do the SEC, I don't know about the applicants now. There are some issues with performance but as I said I don't know if this is leading to SEC.
    Normally SEC was only necessary to determine if your education qualifies you for Saskatchewan nursing, for instance if you had less hours in one area or sth like that.

  12. by   crushbandicoot